Wire-O Binding

Also known as double-wire binding because two wires go through a square punched hole.
As with all mechanical binding styles, Wire-O binding allows books to lay flat when opened
and fold 360 degrees for single-hand use.

One advantage to Wire-O binding is that is does not “step up” when opened, allowing images
to seamlessly cross over. This makes it ideal for products such as cookbooks, instruction
manuals, calendars, display and promotional materials.

For Increased versatility incorporate a semi-concealed, fully-concealed or wrap around
cover. Using mixed paper stocks, foldouts, pockets or index tabs will further enhance the

Wire-O Binding Options

  • Colors – Black, White, and Pewter
  • Other colors available – Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Copper, and Silver
  • Premium colors available
  • Books from 1/8” to 1 1/8”
  • Binding edge 2” to 20”

Cover Designs

  • Two Piece
  • Wrap-Around
  • Pasted Back
  • Reversible
  • Sleeve Inserted
  • Cased In
  • Easel
  • One Piece
  • Calendar

Wire-O Binding Details

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