Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is an inexpensive way to give your product durability with a professional looking finish. Perfect binding is the process where flat sheets or signatures are secured together solely with adhesive. The adhesive is applied directly to the spine of the book which means no stitching required.

There are two types of perfect binding processes, EVA and PUR. Print Finishing Specialties offers both options. To learn more about the differences between EVA and PUR check out the chart below.



Can be used with high gloss & synthetic papers N
Small quantity runs (as few as 1 book) N N
Small sheet count, thin book (as few as 8 pages) N N
Binding edge length 4″ to 15.5″ N N
Non-binding edge length 3.5″ to 12.5″ N N
Cover hinge scores N N
Maximum flat cover length 28″ N N
Covers with fold in flaps N N
Slow glue cure (at least 24 hours) N
Fast glue cure N
Cold emulsion chemical reaction glue curing N
Hot melt N
Withstands extreme temperature variations N
Squared spine N N
Fast turn time N N

Perfect Binding Details

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